Audubon Area Community Care Clinics Joins KHCN

August 14, 2018

Audubon Area Community Care Clinic

Audubon Area Community Care Clinic in Owensboro, Kentucky recently joined the Kentucky Health Center Network.  Audubon is a division of Audubon Area Community Services and serves a seven-county region in northwestern Kentucky.  Audubon is Kentucky’s newest Community Health Center organization that opened in early 2017.

Audubon directly provides health services including immunizations, laboratory testing, and care for acute and chronic health problems.  As a Community Health Center, Audubon provides  services beyond those of immediate health care needs, including prescription assistance, transportation to appointments, vouchers for dental and eye exams, case management, and health insurance enrollment assistance.  Referrals to behavioral health and substance abuse services are also provided.

To learn more about Audubon Area Community Care Clinic, visit their website at  The Kentucky Health Center Network and its members welcome Audubon to our organization!

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