KHCN is an integral partner for the success of our member health centers.

The Kentucky Health Center Network (KHCN) was formed in 2012 by 18 of Kentucky’s Section 330-funded Community Health Centers. In December 2012, the Network received funding through the Affordable Care Act opportunity for Health Center Controlled Networks to support clinical and operational quality improvement using health information technology. Since then, the KHCN has grown to 27 organizations.

Community Health Centers are open to all patients, insured or not, and they make health care accessible to all by addressing financial, geographic, language, cultural, and other barriers.

Kentucky’s Community Health Centers are part of a national movement of non-profit, community-directed providers of primary care, which may include:

Specialty services may also be provided as needed by their communities.

As of December 31, 2020, KHCN member organizations had more than 2 million patient encounters at nearly 400 clinic sites, including school-based and mobile clinics.

Also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Community Health Centers:

  • are located in federally-identified high-need areas;

  • are open to all regardless of insurance status or ability to pay;

  • are non-profit 501(c)3 organizations managed by a self-nominated, consumer-majority Board of Directors;

  • tailor services to fit the special needs and priorities of their communities, and provide services in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner;

  • provide comprehensive primary and other health care services, including services that help their patients access care, such as transportation, translation, or case management;

  • provide high quality care, reducing health disparities and improving patient outcomes; and

  • are cost effective, reducing costly emergency, hospital, and specialty care, and saving the health care system $24 billion a year nationally.